The Independent London2Brighton Bike Ride is this sat 11th sept, it is in aid of Action Medical Research for children for life and sponsored by Wiggle.

As an Osteopath who cycles, runs and swims, I believe that stretching not only enhances our sporting performance but can prevent injury too.

It is important to target muscles specific to your activity, so below you will find some advice on stretching for cyclists.

Cyclists, unless they are on a ‘sit up and beg’ bike will be flexed forward in their backs and have an extended neck to see where there are going. They also use the the front of their thighs (quadriceps) and calf muscles to push down on the pedals. You will also see, in the cyclist image below, a red marked area at the front of the hip, this is the iliopsoas muscle. The iliopsoas is in a shortened position whilst cycling and as it attaches to the lower spine allowing it& to become tight, can cause lower back pain.


For some good examples of cycling specific stretches go to

Wishing the 500 cyclists attempting the Independent london2brighton ride all the best and a injury free ride and I’ll see you at the start!!