Covid 19 spores

Photo by (Fusion Medical Animation)

Corona Virus has affected many of us and during these difficult times, it is important to remember to stay active and not  to neglect your body.

Those who have caught the virus have stated breathing, fatigue and muscular aches are a few of the common symptoms to loiter for longer. It is important to remember your body needs time to heal after contracting the virus and it can take several months for your breathing to be back to full function.

Osteopathy treatment has the ability to help and assist  recovery after contracting the virus. Osteopathy will work on improving blood supply and lymphatic  drainage in the body by using a variety of techniques to improve bodily functions. We aim to work holistically, looking above and below the problem area to ensure every aspect is looked after.

Breathing difficulties, fatigue and muscles aches are common with COVID-19, it is plausible for osteopathy to help these areas. Diaphragmatic breathing exercises alongside treating around the thoracic cage, can not only promote a healthier body but also reduce stress, anxiety, improve blood flow and speed up recovery from infection.

Treating the surrounding area and deep fascia  will not only improve your energy levels, but also improve digestion by optimising  cavity pressures between the abdomen and lungs, to avoid congestion and toxic environment.

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